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Personal note from Peter & James

Due to economic conditions, we have closed Boxall and Edmiston Ltd and Liquidators have been appointed, namely Conrad Pearson and Patrick Lannagan of Mazars from 1st November 2018.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Andrew Dyke (Former employee and worked on/finished all the B&E guns) has resurrected his old company A. D. Classic Rifles.

AD Classic Rifles - are offering maintenance and repair service for all B&E guns together with any other gun/rifle from his home address:

AD Classic Rifles

Warrant Road
Market Drayton
Shropshire. TF9 2DZ
Telephone: 07740 882666


Andrew has offered 'without prejudice' to honour the year one and year two Boxall and Edmiston complementary service as a customer relation exercise, please note the transportation costs to and from A.D. Classic Rifles, together with a small contribution towards insurance costs, will be required.

The servicing record of guns to date will be available to A D Classic Rifles from Boxall & Edmiston Ltd and will be transferred once the appropriate authority has been received from the client (Data Protection Act).

Andrew's wife Tracey will be co-ordinating services, Andy knows the product extremely well and will be able to manufacture parts as required with technical support from Peter and James supplied F.O.C. as 'without prejudice' support.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valued customers for their support. It has been a satisfying, albeit hard way of earning a living but a real pleasure to have received such staunch backing and appreciation for the excellence of the product.

Fox and Co Bespoke Ltd:

We are pleased to inform you that Lloyd Fox (Former employee of Westley Richards together with 14 months at Boxall and Edmiston) has set up a bespoke gun making and Engraving service.

This new company is offering bespoke shotgun and Rifle making in all formats e.g. Side by side, Over and Under, bolt rifle, double rifles etc.

The engraving service in both hand and laser is available to individual client specification on many products including firearms, watches, jewellery, knives, shooting accessories etc.

For further information please contact

What about Pete Boxall and James Edmiston?

During the past 9 years we have had the pleasure of manufacturing exquisite guns for some extremely genial clients for which we thank you all.

However, Boxall and Edmiston has been "all consuming" and there comes a time when the work/life balance needs to come into consideration. As such we are going to step back from the front line of the Shotgun world and let others pick up the challenge.

We hope you will appreciate that closure is never an easy time; we have endeavoured to put a good structure in place to service and support the 200 guns that are out in the field.

Kind regards

Peter Boxall and James Edmiston

Original page:

At Boxall & Edmiston, we make truly British bespoke shotguns. We achieve every possible advantage for our clients by creating customised products, built to fit them physically, whilst complimenting their chosen shooting discipline.

Our products span both old and new world with a range of 12 bore side by sides complimented by an ever growing family of over and unders in 12, 16, 20 and 28 bore. The over and unders are available in both round action form and a sideplated model, giving clients every opportunity to create their perfect gun.

Alongside the physical fitting of the gun, we offer a myriad of customisations that will make you proud to own a Boxall & Edmiston. Bespoke engraving, such as your dog or game scenes, bespoke thumb pieces, gold inlay and much more, all compliment your gun and make it unique to you.

You can "build your gun" on screen using our revolutionary online tool, this will take you through the standard bespoke options available. It is worth noting that the options displayed are only the tip of the iceberg and we will always accommodate bespoke requests from clients. Click here or the "build your gun" link at the top of the page.

2015 saw the completion of our 100th gun and this emphasises the unique nature of those in production. With over 44 million combinations (not including stock dimensions), every gun is unique and our team of craftsmen and engineers can only produce a limited number annually as the majority of components are specifically created for each client.

At Boxall & Edmiston, we are working hard to pass on the knowledge of gunmaking with an apprenticeship scheme, a second generation gunsmiths. These efforts are in no small part supported by our clients and the gun trade as a whole and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure gunmaking remains a staple of British craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Boxall & Edmiston - "Preserving the art of British gunmaking"