Boxall and Edmiston produce bespoke shotguns. Every gun made has been specifically customised for each customer, with bespoke features to improve a guns fit, as well as aesthetics, across an annually expanding range.

Starting with a respected range of side by sides Boxall and Edmiston developed an over and under in 2011 which has since gone on to win several awards and be one of the most well received shotguns in recent history.

Due to the success of the 12 bore over and unders, the design team continued to develop similarly styled guns in different gauges and the 20 bores were launched in 2013, with 16 bores being officially launched at the CLA 2015 and a 28 bore in development.

Quality is paramount and by coupling the latest production methods with some of the UK’s finest craftsman something truly unique has been created.

Extensive investment in the most accurate machine-tools allow Boxall and Edmiston to manufacture every component of a best gun ensuring absolute quality in both materials and machining. The uncompromising quality of the machines is further enhanced by the use of cutting edge computer aided design software giving Boxall and Edmiston a competitive edge.

Boxall and Edmiston believe in the art of British gunmaking and will continue to preserve the craft and craftsman for generations to come.