Boxall & Edmiston are makers of truly bespoke, entirely British shotguns. Now in our sixth year, the Boxall & Edmiston range features both side by sides and over and under models, across a range of calibre.

The Sideplated Boxlock was released several years ago and is a favourite for clients old and new. The Sideplated Boxlock’s protégé is a scalloped back version which has proved so popular the scroll has been incorporated into the over and under. The true Sidelock completes the current range of side by sides with numerous models in development for launch over the coming years.

The over and under was released in 2012 and has been widely praised by the public and media. The OU is entirely manufactured in the UK at the Boxall & Edmiston workshops in Shropshire. Each OU has a number of client selected bespoke features incorporated into every shotgun including barrel length, chokes and action shape with additional options on the superior grades.

The range of over and under’s has been extended with a 20 bore in both round and square models. 16 bores are also in production with 28’s due in 2015.

Quality is paramount and by coupling the latest production methods with some of the UK’s finest craftsman something truly unique has been created.

Extensive investment in the most accurate machine-tools allow Boxall and Edmiston to manufacture every component of a best gun ensuring absolute quality in both materials and machining. The uncompromising quality of the machines is further enhanced by the use of cutting edge computer aided design software giving Boxall and Edmiston a competitive edge.

Boxall & Edmiston believe in the art of British gunmaking and will continue to preserve the craft and craftsman for generations to come.