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The gun builder has been designed to inform users about bespoke guns and how they can improve someone's shooting. Many of the options available are focussed for specific disciplines and it is worth considering the different combinations when choosing a gun.

For example, many of the Boxall & Edmiston clients are looking for a gun suitable for mainly game shooting but would also be at home on a clay pigeon shoot. With this in mind our team would suggest:

  • An over and under, either round action or square, an necessity for clays and very acceptable for game shooting;
  • 30" barrels, as this is a good all round length suitable for most disciplines;
  • Teague multi-chokes, as the choke configuration can be changed easily to suite whatever shooting lays ahead;
  • A full or minimal rib, depending on the clients eye line, if they need the full rib for their style of shooting that would be beneficial;
  • A single selective trigger, the selective trigger allows the user to choose which barrel to fire first, this combined with Teague multi-chokes gives a lot of options when shooting targets at varying distances;
  • Ball style safety thumb piece, as it's slightly easier to select the barrel with the selective single trigger, although a ramp is fine;
  • And finally, "automatic-safe", meaning the gun will return to being "safe" ie. safety thumb piece back with mechanism disengaged, this is a safety feature and depends on what the shooter is used to.

The above configuration can be obtained at no additional cost to the base price of the gun, these are not optional upgrades, simply bespoke options. At Boxall & Edmiston the optional upgrades are all tangible expenses, for example Exhibition Walnut, of gold inlay.

For more information on bespoke options available you can contact the Boxall & Edmiston workshop through the contacts tab at the top of the page.