Pairs of Stock Blanks

Due to a sudden surge of orders for pairs Boxall & Edmiston have limited Walnut available. More pairs are currently available in the Boxall & Edmiston workshop and will be added to the gallery soon, once our existing clients have made their selection.

Pairs of Walnuts are particularly difficult to find and come at a premium. As a pair is traditionally cut from the same tree and alongside it's sister piece they are notoriously hard to find.

The selection of stock blanks are predominaently sourced from Turkey however Boxall & Edmiston has also purchased Walnut from suppliers in France and New Zealand. The grain of the Walnut is a result of the changes in growing conditions, the age of the Walnut trees used and the composition of the soil. For more information on Walnut and stocking visit the Anatomy of a shotgun section where you'll find a selection of articles focussed on Walnut, guns stocks and finishing processes.

More Walnut is added to the gallery every few months. It is worth noting that clients that have already placed an order have first refusal on any new pieces and the selection available on line can only be reserved at the point of deposit.

Boxall & Edmiston offer a Walnut sourcing service for clients to ensure each customer has their perfect piece. This service may be needed when a customer has an existing gun or a particular preference.