Bespoke gunmaking



At Boxall & Edmiston, every gun is crafted to order with clients commissioning the build of each gun. Our craftsmen create guns that improve people's shooting, whether that results from the precise machining and fitting of the stock; or from the added confidence of having a product purpose built for you.

Click here to visit the Boxall and Edmiston gun builder and get an idea of what your very own bespoke shotgun could look.

The level of customisation on a gun is directly related to the delivery period across our range. Some models can be produced in as little as eight months, entirely bespoke and to the clients' specifications. The delivery time will increase when a pair is commissioned, as the same craftsman will have to work on both guns, ensuring the closest resemblance upon completion. Pairs can be expected in 10-12 months, depending on their complexity.

When commissioning a Boxall & Edmiston, we require the broad information about the gun to begin the process, this includes:

  • Bore size - 12, 16, 20 and 28 bore;
  • Barrel length - 24-34";
  • Action body style - round or square actions;
  • Choking - Teague multi-choke or any fixed choke;
  • Rib style - minimal, ventilated or full game;
  • Proof options and chamber depth;
  • Overall target weight of the gun.


Our team of experts will offer as much or as little support with these decisions as desired, many of our clients are extremely knowledgeable about firearms, others are new to the sport and appreciate the input, whatever your level, we will ensure your gun complements your shooting style and discipline.

The above is the initial level of customisations for the Boxall & Edmiston range. These are a starting point and many clients go into greater detail, requesting specific chokes, unusual barrel lengths and tapers on ribs; all of which will be accommodated where possible.

The second stage of customisation can be split into aesthetic and style.

Shooting style bespoke options:

  • Single or double trigger;
  • Selective or non-selective trigger;
  • Trigger width and bias;
  • Left or right opening top lever;
  • Forend style - Schnabel or game;
  • Stock style - straight hand, pistol grip, pommel grip, Prince of Wales;
  • Bespoke stocking - a gun fitting to be arranged with some of the finest instructors in the world at the client's convenience;
  • Auto or non-auto safe;
  • Safety thumb piece shape - Beetle back, traditional ramp, B&E ramp or Pyramid.



The bespoke options that affect your shooting style are generally related to the familiarity of the feature, or to complement your shooting style or discipline. Many of these options can be further customised, two of the thumb pieces now available were originally requests from client's that worked so well they have become available across the range.

The gun fit and stocking style are arguably the main element of a bespoke gun that improves someone's shooting. At Boxall & Edmiston, we have gone several steps further than the usual stock dimensions; our range ensures the relation to the rib and triggers are perfected for each grip style (as they position your hand differently). Furthermore, options such as a "swept face", are common for clients who will benefit from such a feature; something that is not regularly offered and will be identified during a gun fitting.

The next level of bespoke options is essentially aesthetic. Nevertheless, they are incredibly important when commissioning a gun as unlike almost every piece of engineering, a firearm is a piece of art as well as a working tool and personalisations are undeniably important.

The range of bespoke options are literally endless, we will entertain and hopefully create any request from a client and we have produced bespoke Forend Irons (the metal and subsequently Walnut parts of the Forend were lengthened), a variety of thumb pieces and of course numerous custom engravings. For more information on the engraving options available, please visit the dedicated page via the gun room tab or by clicking here.


Bespoke aesthetic options include:

  • Engraving - numerous bespoke options available;
  • Choosing of Walnut;
  • Colour hardened or "bright" action;
  • Trigger guards;
  • Stock grip cap;
  • Ovals with initials or personalised emblem - silver or gold;
  • Gold inlay;
  • Skeletonised top lever;
  • and any other bespoke feature that is requested and achievable.

Whatever the request, our team of engineers and craftsmen will endeavour to achieve the request. We will not take on a bespoke request if we cannot achieve it and our research on any request will be undertaken at our own cost.


The delivery period for any gun is reliant on the level of customisation and how easily the information is ascertained. At Boxall & Edmiston, we have a dedicated member of staff who works with each client to ensure the bespoke features desired have been chosen in plenty of time for the team of craftsmen at each stage to work on. Most guns can be completed in six to ten months, depending on how quickly the full specification is defined.

Customisations such as the choosing of Walnut and having a clients gun fitting bespoke engraving and requests for gold ovals to be engraved have to be discussed and decided before each stage, but these are the fun bits of commissioning a gun and our team will work with each client to ensure their dream gun is produced.

As we are configured to create bespoke shotguns, we value the opportunity to try new things and if you would like to discuss a bespoke feature then please contact us, details of which can be found via the contacts tab or by clicking here. We also attend a number of shows each year and details of those can be found via the contacts tab or by clicking here.