16 Bore round action

The 16 bore round action over and under is the sister of the 12 and 20 bore models. The 16 bore has a dedicated action but uses the core mechanism of the 20, which in turn has its roots in the 12 bores design.

The Boxall & Edmiston team of engineers and craftsmen felt it important to design and manufacture a dedicated action for the 16 bore. As the 16 bore barrels are by their definition a different size and therefore weight, to its larger 12 bore and smaller 20 bore sisters, the dynamics of the gun can only be perfected when the action and other components are created for that sole purpose. Subsequently, the 16 bores were designed to encompass all the best bits of the sister models whilst ensuring the balance and ergonomics of a true 16 bore shine through.

The 12 bores engraving is similar to that of the 20 but features some subtle modifications to ensure the design works with the larger action. The 16 bores benefit from all the bespoke options the Boxall & Edmiston range has become known for with all the standard customisations included in the price, alongside the optional upgrades.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the Boxall & Edmiston workshop, details of which can be found through the contacts tab at the top of each page.

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