Bang bang.

So you want to try a Boxall & Edmiston?

When you have a busy schedule, as most of our clients do, it can be hard to find the time to visit us in the factory and try one of our shotguns.

Some people are reluctant to commit through to purchase before trying the gun, which is understandable, if someone shows an interest in our products then we will always encourage them to come and shoot one for themselves. The visit to the factory then being used as an opportunity to introduce ourselves, providing a tour and communicate directly with the Boxall & Edmiston staff. We often use the visit to the factory to sit the potential client down and discuss with them in depth how we would hope to make their ideal, well balanced, completely bespoke gun. We have a list of upgrades that clients can choose from, this is not where our service stops, we relish the idea of bizarre requests and will always try our utmost to complete them to the highest of standards. 

We are aware that our factory isn't necessarily in the most accessible of locations, this is why we are now trying to bring our guns closer to you. So from now on, there will be guns available to try at the following locations;

West London Shooting School.


An institution established more than a century ago. It is a pleasure to work alongside West London Shooting School.

situated within the M25 and only 12 miles from central London, West London Shooting School is one of the most prestigious in Britain today. 

West London offers a wide variety of services and we are pleased to announce the constant presence of a Boxall & Edmiston demonstrator. There is in situ either our 12 or 20 bore, these two in constant circulation, to find out which one is there at any particular moment please contact us, and depending on your preference inform you of a suitable time to visit, or arrange delivery with West London for the model of your choice at a convenient time. 

To find out more about West London Shooting School, please visit their website

Bettws Hall - Worldwide


Bettws Hall has been a constantly growing business for over 25 years, they offer only the best in everything they do.

Bettws Hall, offer much more than just your standard, they have 9 shooting estates across Wales and the West Country offering a variety of beautiful countryside backdrops for your days shooting. It doesn't stop there, they offer global shooting destinations across the continents and accommodation to match. They also have one of the most advanced game farm hatcheries in the country.

We recently had Bettws hall visit us in the factory, and have found another home for one of our demos. So we should have a gun available to use at Bettws Hall imminently.

Visit their website  to see everything Bettws Hall have to offer.

We are currently working hard to try and get our guns in as many locations as possible, to help it easier for you.
There are a number of other prestigious locations where we hope to soon have our demonstrators available, so watch this space.