Boxall & Edmiston bring delivery time down to 14-16 months

It is with great pride that Boxall & Edmiston announce that we have reduced our delivery time from 20-22 months down to 14-16 months. The next four guns to be commissioned will be completed by August 2016, giving plenty of time to practice for the Pheasant season. 

A bespoke Boxall & Edmiston can be configured for almost all shooting disciplines. It is these customisations that Boxall & Edmiston have become known for and we are passionate about making guns that compliment the clients shooting. A gun, that has been made to measure, will fit the client perfectly, ensuring their line of site down the barrels is perfect and the gun rests comfortably in the shoulder. 

This level of customisation has meant that every gun is a miniature project, with no two being produced the same. In 2014, Boxall & Edmiston are proud to have delivered 32 guns and in 2015 we are aiming for 40. The length of time taken is a result of the detail we go into when specifying the bespoke options; whether it be thumb recesses in the stock, a customer's dog engraving or a skull and cross-bones instead of the word "safe" under the thumb piece, all of which we have done; every gun is 100% custom made for the client. 

These customisations have meant that every Boxall & Edmiston is started from scratch. A client commissions us to make their gun with a one-third deposit. It is at this point that we manufacture the final components and begin the process of assembling the chosen configuration. From the outset, client led selections are built in, whether it be action body shape, barrel length, chokes or safety thumb piece style, these options are built in from the outset to make the clients perfect gun. 

The lead time has been reduced as a result of heavy investment in new machinery, staff and training. A team of out workers have also contributed greatly by actioning and stocking several guns a year for us. Boxall & Edmiston now have 11 full time staff, having recruited seven since launching the over & under in 2012.  

For more information on commissioning a Boxall & Edmiston place contact the workshop on (+44) 01743 762352  or email