The Burrard Academy - a place of learning for the shooting industry

After years of discussion and planning, "The Burrard Academy" has been created. The Burrard Academy is a place of learning for the shooting industry, covering fundamentals such as firearms safety and law, alongside advanced topics such as specialist gun fit and gunmaking.

The core teaching areas of the academy will be defined from the results of the industry-wide survey that has been taking place from June the 1st. The survey was developed by the BASC information team and comes to an end on the 31st August 2016. If you would like to complete the survey there is still time and it's open to anyone who works in or would like to enter the shooting industry, you can find the survey by clicking here or more details are available on the Burrard Academy website.

The place of learning has been created by Drew Boxall, of Boxall & Edmiston gunmakers, who recognised the need for training not just in gunmaking, but across the entire industry. Although training is already available in many areas, much of this training is currently unrecognised by Government accreditations and as such misses out of potential funding.

The project aims to ensure modern apprenticeships can be taken in areas such as gunmaking or specialist retail in firearms, which will open up funding for these placements and bring young people into the industry.

The website has been created detailing the place of learning and you can find it by clicking here .