Are we there yet?

As you may remember, recently Boxall & Edmiston was involved in creating a survey, alongside a number of other bodies including the GTA, BASC and The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers, that would help establish some kind of need for training within the shooting industry.

When the clock struck midnight from August 31- September 1st the survey came to a close. There was a high number of participants, more than was initially predicted, thanks to this they have more of the information that they need to push the industry ever closer to gaining it's own centre for education; "The Burrard Academy".
Talks are now firmly underway with potential tutors, with discussions advancing towards outcomes for courses that can be offered.

It's amazing to see that there is a united force in the industry that recognises the need for training and we can not wait for the final results to be published for us all to truly sink our teeth into.

The Burrard Academy has already confirmed it has taken its first booking!

Watch this space!