Stage 1 – Manufacturing the shotgun components

Action bodies in production

The process begins with the Boxall and Edmiston engineers manufacturing the components at the workshop in Shropshire.

Each shotgun model and its various component have been tested over several years and influenced by each of the Boxall and Edmiston engineers and craftsman. By combining the knowledge of some of Britain's best craftsman with the design processes and manufacturing techniques of Boxall and Edmiston a unique blend of artisan and engineer is used to manufacture each gun in the expanding range.

Every gun is designed in Solidworks, one of the most (if not the most), advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems available. By testing every component and ensuring their intricacies and relations work in a digital world conceptualising a gun has become a more streamlined process and new prototypes are developed every year, with the product being added to the range after rigorous testing.

The CAD system has benefits beyond ensuring the mechanism works perfectly. The system allows the Boxall and Edmiston team to test many aspects of product design including stress analysis and weight configuration. Both tests are extremely useful in gun design to ensure absolute safety and perfect balance for each gun.


The above picture shows the stress analysis test for the Boxall and Edmiston side by side Sidelock. The test was extremely useful to demonstrate the benefit of the detacheable draw feature. The detacheable draw is essentially a second face for the force of the cartridge explosion to pull against, traditionally just the cross pin or trunnions. The stress analysis test has helped Boxall and Edmiston design guns with longevity in mind and the detacheable draw system is one of many examples. 

Components in manufactureBoxall and Edmiston combine the use of Solidworks with Solidcam, a Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) system. Solidcam is integrated within Solidworks and combines the geometry of the components with user inputted tool instructions to produce the coding for the factories' range of machines. Boxall and Edmiston invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery allowing for a generational leap in shotgun component manufacture.

Modern machinery is only half the story and it is important to combine perfectly machined components with a team of highly skilled craftsmen to have a truly British shotgun. Every shotgun has benefited from years of training, perfection of skills, and mastery of gun making. The use of highly skilled craftsman alongside some of the UK's finest engineers and designers has allowed Boxall and Edmiston to be innovative across the range.