Stage 7 – Finishing


Every process of a Boxall and Edmiston's creation is a precise balance of engineering excellence with a deep understanding and appreciation for the art of British gunmaking.

Finishing a gun brings together all the processes carried out by the scores of craftsmen who work on every Boxall and Edmiston. The finishing processes involve the final tweaks that can only be perfectly achieved by hand.

Chequering is a gun making craft that receives little recognition but it by far one of the most difficult arts to master. Precisely crafted lines have to be formed onto an arched and variable surface that it then replicated precisely on the mirrored side of the stock. Furthermore, the chequerer has to consider the guns bespoke stock shape when applying his art whilst managing the size of the diamonds and depth of cut.

Regulating a guns trigger pulls and ejection timing takes a craftsmen days of testing, tweaking and re-testing. Crisp trigger pulls and perfectly timed cartridge ejection, the angle of the opened barrels must be just enough for the cartridge to eject over the breech face of the action body, are crucial when building top quality shotguns.

Oil finishing of a stock and forend requires patience and a keen eye. Months of layering, cleaning and re-layering of secret oil blends give the stock and forend that distinct crisp, clean and beautiful finish. Every stock requires time to breath and soak in oil and the finishing of a gun cannot be rushed with several months required to perfect it.

Bringing all these processes together is a specialist team who ensure absolute quality of every component. The final checks are performed by Peter Boxall, proprietor and managing director, who ensures every element has been finished to the high standards Boxall and Edmiston have become famous for. Peter's motto during these final checks has become well known throughout the factory - "it's got to be perfect, it's got my name on it."roundactionoustockplug

The range of side by sides are finished by T R White and Co. gunmakers in Staffordshire. Tony and Ted are two of the most knowledgeable gunmakers in the world and have worked with the Boxall and Edmiston team on several of the products in the range, particularly the side by side Boxlock's.

For more information on T R White and Co click here to visit their website.

Every Boxall and Edmiston is entirely manufactured in the UK with the only element from abroad being the Walnut. By using the British gun trade, employing local craftsmen and training the next generation of gun makers Boxall and Edmiston are working towards ensuring the noble art of gun making remains a prominent British industry in years to come.

Pair of square sideplated 12 bore over and unders showing numbers

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