Company History and Proprietors

Boxall and Edmiston’s company history originally centred around its owners and their shared passion for both the production of British shotguns, the history behind them and the craftsman that remain true to this noble art form.

Under their leadership, Boxall & Edmiston have become one of the largest shotgun manufacturers in Britain today. By ensuring the guns compliment the shooters physical form, shooting style and personal style, a niche market has been forged for the team based in Shropshire. 

Peter Boxall, formerly of Jaguar, W&C Scott and manufacturing director of Holland & Holland, and James Edmiston, former MD of the Sterling Armament Company, (the Sterling still being the most reliable SMG ever made) decided to pool their not inconsiderable experience, while also accepting counsel from friends of many years in the British Gun Trade to launch a totally British made SxS shotgun, the first for many decades.

In order to make top quality guns, it is not sufficient to acquire state-of-the-art computerised machine-tools that work to tolerances of microns, but it helps. B&E has set out to make the very best quality shotguns by innovation and by more highly efficient utilisation of the skills of those specialists who ensure that the British make the finest guns in the world.

Purposely, the company has not resurrected the historical remnants of some long-gone gunmaker, but has felt sufficiently confident in its own superlative product to offer something unique to the British sportsman (and woman), that doubles as a rock solid investment. This combines the finest in British engineering and traditional gunmaking skills.

Boxall & Edmiston employ a team of eleven in-house staff with engineers and gunmakers working side by side with the mutual aim of creating exquisite shotguns. Alongside the in-house team are a select group of uniquely skilled out workers who fulfill specific tasks in the gunmaking process, skills such as the hardening of parts, chequering and the blacking of barrels have been perfected by other British companies and gunmakers and the skillsets are optimised in the Boxall & Edmiston production route. 


Sharing a passion for the art of British gunmaking Peter Boxall (left) and James Edmiston (right) started Boxall and Edmiston gunmakers.