Engraving options

It is well known that at Boxall & Edmiston we utilise laser technology to enhance the quality of our engraving. Not only do we adorn the scrollwork using the laser, we use the same process for game scenes and bespoke requests.

To explain the process, the patterns are first developed by an artist using a variety of design packages. Their work is then modified to be used by the laser and once the programme has been designed and uploaded, it can be reproduced.


Much like a limited edition art print, you can enjoy the art of the engraving pattern, know who created it, be assured the work has not been mass produced.

The main element of the engraving is the scroll work which can be selected from existing work, or new scroll can be commissioned. On the over and under range, clients choose from deep scroll or a more traditional minimal engraving with colour hardening.


When buying a Boxall & Edmiston, you can choose from our library of game scenes or commission something new to be adorned on your gun. We are currently working on a range of Woodcock engravings for a client and have been able to produce the artwork on our computers and then develop it with the client's feedback without even touching his gun. With the laser, we can engrave a piece of steel before the gun to make sure the vignette is perfect.

Another commonly requested feature is a clients' dogs engraved on their gun. Using a laser we have the benefit of starting with the original image on the computer screen and developing the engraving from that. As such, we have achieved some excellent results and our dog engravings have become increasingly popular.

12148 Dog engraving other dog

However you feel about our use of the laser, it is something we as a company are proud of and contrary to popular belief belief our gunmaking forefathers would probably have loved it. The decision to go down this route, necessity of time apart, was a quest for enhancing quality. Gunmaking was traditionally an industry that embraced technology and moved with (and sometimes forged forward) advances in engineering.

If you would like to speak with our customisation specialists and engraver about commissioned some artwork, please do not hesitate to contact the factory, you can find details of how to do so through the contacts tab or by clicking here.

For guns ready 2017 Boxall and Edmiston have introduced a new deeper cut free of charge.