Stage 6 – Engraving

The Boxall and Edmiston range are entirely engraved at the Shropshire workshop using the most efficient elements of mechanical and hand engraving.

Over the past several years the machining techniques used to engrave the Boxall and Edmiston range have been developed with assistance from some of the worlds leading engravers. A deep understanding of engraving practices coupled with a knowledge of art, historical engraving trends and expertise in engineering have given the Boxall and Edmiston engraving team an edge in the ever developing techniques of gun engraving.

Pair of square sideplated 12 bore over and unders game scene

Every Boxall and Edmiston has several bespoke engraving options depending on the model and styles chosen. The range of side by sides benefit from four house style engraving patterns. Each style, or scroll-work, can be applied to the entire canvass or elements can be changed such as the vignettes.

For guns ready 2017 Boxall and Edmiston have introduced a new deeper cut free of charge.