Stage 5 – Stocking

shaping a stock (2)

The stocking of a gun is often the most bespoke element as the clients precise measurements are built into the shotgun with a choice of stock and chequering styles.

To acquire a clients precise gun measurements a gun fitting takes place, often involving a try gun. A try gun has standard metalwork but the stock dimensions can be altered until the clients perfect fit is found.

Side by side stocking

When purchasing a side by side some of the UK's finest stockers are commissioned to stock the gun. On side by sides every element of the gun is considered to achieve the perfect stocking dimensions and at times even the metalwork is adjusted to ensure the clients measurements are perfectly incorporated.

Over and under stocking

Boxall and Edmiston have an in house stocking team specifically for the range of over and unders. Every over and under is bespokely stocked to the clients measurements and their choice of stock style is integrated. The stocking team developed an advanced machining technique that allows for absolute precision when machining the stocks.

The fitting of the stock to the guns metal work is done by hand and final flourishes of shape and definition are achieved by our in house master craftsmen. Every stock is chequered and finished by hand, leaving perfectly chequered grooves and a smooth finish.

Shapes available for stocking include straight hand, semi pistol grip, Prince of Wales, pommel grip and so on.

The Boxall and Edmiston library of stock blanks is available to view in the galleries section