Production Process

At Boxall & Edmiston, every shotgun produced is bespoke. The bespoke nature of our products started as a quest to create each client's perfect gun focusing on their shooting style and disciplines. As the requests for different options were made, our team of engineers and craftsmen created the elaborate dream guns and we would add the new features to our expanding list of bespoke options.

The list of bespoke options is now at such a scale that you can create one of over 44 million combinations, without taking into consideration specific stock dimensions. You can also build your gun on screen, using our "gun builder" tool, a first for the global gun trade.

The following pages are a guide to the Boxall and Edmiston shotgun production process. You can navigate with the links below, to the right of every page or through the drop down menu above. It is not possible to detail every small stage and each process, mainly due to how complicated guns are to craft, but also as every gun crafted is unique and often follow slightly different paths to their creation.

It is worth noting that at Boxall & Edmiston we have devised what we consider a perfect blend of technology and artisan skill to create our range. We do not claim to have all the answers and you may disagree with some of our methods, but let our products speak for themselves as we believe our guns are some of the best produced in Britain today, if not the world.

Stage 1 - Manufacturing the shotgun components

Stage 2 - Barrels

Stage 3 - The Actioner - assembling the gun

Stage 4 - Proofing

Stage 5 - Stocking

Stage 6 - Engraving

Stage 7 - Finishing