The stocking of a gun

The Stocking of a gun

The stock is often the most customised element of a bespoke shotgun. It is the component that unites the shooter with the gun as it is pulled into the shoulder and held in the hand.

The stock must fit comfortably in the shoulder and have the appropriate grip style for the shooters chosen discipline. A shooters cheek should rest on the comb of the stock giving a straight line of site down the barrels.

I am of the opinion that the adage, "a bad workman blames his tools", does not apply with a shotgun as it is similar to a suite, if it fits nicely it works wonders but too big or too small it looks, and more importantly feels, wrong.

When a gun does not fit properly there are several potential issues. Exaggerated recoil and muzzle flip can be caused quite simply by the non-complete contact of the stock in the shoulder; incorrect pitch of the butt into the armpit will further compound the problem.

However, the main problem is quite simply that if the gun does not fit the point of aim will be difficult to repeatedly achieve due to the change in positioning. This is similar to the zeroing of a rifle scope, if it is not zeroed for the user it will be difficult to use the tool to its full potential.

A stocker shapes the Walnut to the bespoke measurements of the client, the stocking style is entirely personal and is influenced by the shooters chosen disciplines and the style they are accustomed to.


Stocking a Boxall & Edmiston over and under

As the entire range of over and unders are made at the B&E workshop in Shropshire (the side by sides being crafted partly by some of the UK's finest craftsmen specialising in SxS mechanisms and workings) it became practical to develop a machine process for producing the stocks. As such, our team of engineers, lead by proprietor and Director Peter Boxall, developed a system for machining clients stocks to the desired dimensions and shape to a tolerance of microns.

This system has ensured that Boxall & Edmiston can produce each over and under stock to within microns of the desired client measurements and stocking style. This accuracy ensures that the clients bespoke gun fits them perfectly.

Every stock is still hand fitted and the final shape is applied by our team of stockers. This is the point at which any subtle changes to the stock shape can be applied, such as slight thumb recesses. It is also important to apply the oil finish by hand and over a prolonged period as this method, in our opinion, cannot be beaten. By applying a coat of oil daily to each stock, the layers of protection are built up, until the gun is ready for delivery.