Stage 3 – The Actioner – assembling the gun

The third stage sees all the manufactured components and barrels being crafted together by one of our skilled Actioners

Every component is manufactured with a small amount of positive tolerance (minutely larger) allowing the Actioner to 'zero tolerance' the parts for maximum life by precise fit and finish. As part of the fitting process the parts are hardened and finally polished home, enhancing the longevity of the weapon. This operation also creates the 'joint' of the gun which is tested during the proof stage, they ensure the barrels stay tight to the action face checking the fit and safety of the build process.


Every side by side is assembled by one of the many craftsmen Boxall and Edmiston employ across the UK. Side by sides, particularly Sidelock's, are often specialties of gunmakers and Boxall and Edmiston ensure each of the range of side by sides are assembled by the most skilled craftsmen in Britain.

smoking barrels for jointing

It may be necessary to build the client's stock measurement into the rear area of the metalwork to create a smooth transition from metal to wood i.e. the top strap and trigger plate have a slight curve into the stock. This process (included in the bespoke stocking option) occurs in all the top bespoke weapons.

Due to the high demand for the range of over and unders, Boxall and Edmiston have an in house team of craftsmen who work on the range, starting with the actioning processes. The actioners work closely with the engineering team to ensure every component is machined to a fine tolerance.

Every gun takes several weeks to assemble and is worked on by several craftsmen during the actioning process. Each part is hand fitted and material must be left to ensure the classic "smoked in" gunmaking assembly method is used for major components, giving every Boxall and Edmiston that classic English shotgun feel.

Every model in the Boxall and Edmiston range has several bespoke features that are built into the gun at the actioning stage. These bespoke features include top lever opening direction (left opener for left handed shooters), safety thumb piece shape, trigger options (single double) and many more.

It is the configuration of each gun and the broad range of bespoke features available that make every Boxall and Edmiston unique.